ETCF’s investment strategy is designed to provide a predictable and stable total return for grant-making while maintaining the purchasing power of the Foundation’s assets over the long term, with the goal of enabling our donors to achieve both their philanthropic and financial objectives.

Our investment committee, made up of volunteer professionals in the investment and financial industry, works closely with a professional investment consultant to guide the investment strategies of the Foundation.


Our Investment Strategy: To meet the philanthropic objectives of various donor funds, investments can be placed into one of six professionally managed portfolios:

 Stable Value
70% 90 Day Treasury Bill
30% Fixed Income

Conservative Index
80% Fixed Income
20% Equities

35% Fixed Income
50% Equities
15% Alternative

20% Fixed Income
60% Equities
20% Alternative

70% Fixed Income
20% Equities
10% Alternative

 Moderate Index
40% Fixed Income
60% Equities

 Growth Index
20% Fixed Income
80% Equities

Portfolio Selection: Nonprofit endowment funds and scholarship funds are typically invested in the Moderate Portfolio. Donors contributing funds with balances of $500,000 or more may recommend that the funds be invested with an outside manager. All outside managers must be approved by the Foundation’s Investment Committee and must agree to abide by the Foundations Investment Policy.


Current Investment Committee Members

Alan Roseman, CPA, CFP, CAP, Owner, Roseman Wealth Advisors
Doug Bolles, Partner, Wealth Manager, WorthPointe Wealth Management
James Richard Allen, CPA, Henry and Peters, P.C.
Garnett Brookshire, President Peoples Petroleum
Steve Roosth, President, Roosth Production Company
Richard Perryman, Retired Investment Advisor
Bill Newburn, Market President East Texas, Southside Wealth Management