Frequently Asked Questions

What is a permanent nonprofit fund?

Nonprofit organizations and their supporters can establish a permanent endowment fund to support a charity in perpetuity, which provides several advantages over an investment account at a brokerage firm. An endowment fund sends the message to the community that an organization is building for the future. The fund can be established by the organization or by an individual donor for the benefit of a specific nonprofit.

What is a nonpermanent endowment fund?

A non-permanent fund may allow use of principal or can be removed from ETCF based on restrictions established by the original donor.

What is the minimum for establishing a nonprofit fund?

There is not a minimum to open a fund at ETCF.

What are the fees charged by ETCF?

ETCF charges a nominal fee for managing an endowment fund. The fee is as follows:

1.0% on the first $500,000
.75% on the next $500,000
.50% on the next $2,000,000
.25% on the balance over $3,000,000

How much can be distributed by the fund yearly?

Organizations can set a spending policy that matches their needs and investment strategy. Please contact our staff at 866-533-3823 to discuss options specific to your organization’s needs.