Fund Types


Donor-Advised Funds are a flexible and easy way to support the organizations and issues you care about—both now and in the future. As a donor, you may make gifts to your fund at any time, taking a tax deduction for the year in which the gift is made. You, or your designated adviser, may then make grant recommendations from the fund at any time to charities of your choice. A donor-advised fund may be created by an individual, family, group, or organization to support public charities.


A Designated Fund can be customized to several named charities or make grants within a predetermined field-of-interest or for a specific project. A designated fund may utilize an adviser, a committee, or a prescribed formula to make annual grants as appropriate to fulfill the charitable objectives of the donor. A designated fund may be established with a limited duration or endowed to provide perpetual support.


Nonprofit organizations and their donors can establish a short-term fund or permanent endowment fund to support a single charity. ETCF provides investment management and can help charities receive complex assets such as real estate or business interests. An endowment fund sends the message to the community that an organization is building for the future while a non-permanent fund can be used to address current needs.


Scholarship Funds are a wonderful way to give deserving young people the opportunity to continue their education- focusing on students or educational programs that are important to the donor.


The Unrestricted Charitable Fund offers the broadest option for charitable giving in your community. This fund is used to address East Texas communities’ most pressing needs, as those needs change over time. By making a gift or bequest to the unrestricted fund, you are helping support East Texas charities —forever.